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Artur Jastrząb 10.08.2009

urszulakk 05.05.2009

Artur Jastrząb 18.03.2009

The International Book Art Festival TIME - special edition in the City Public Library in Konin. Selected works by 32 artists from 11 countries: Poland, USA, Denmark, Holland, Venezuela, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Lithuania, Slovakia, India, Canada.

Artur Jastrząb 19.01.2009

THE COLLECTION OF POLISH ARTISTS' BOOKS from the turn of the century
We invite to the exhibition of books by Warsaw artists.

Artur Jastrząb 08.12.2008

LIBERATORIUM at the Public Library in Kielce
Liberature and hypertext - the reading room for the author's books by Radosław Nowakowski. September 2008.

liberat 15.09.2008

"TIME" and "ABOVE TIME" in Płock
Płock Art Gallery invites to the opening of the TIME exhibition within the International Book Art Festival on September 17th 2008, on Wednesday, at 5pm. Above TIME, on the mezzanine floor, works by Marek Gajewski and Radosław Nowakowski, members of the Festival jury, will be displayed.

Alicja 11.09.2008

Correspondance des Arts at the National Library in Warsaw
The National Library in Warsaw and The Book Art Museum in Łódź invite for the opening of the exhibition: "Correspondance des Arts - artists' books published by Jadwiga, Janusz and Paweł Tryzno small press" on September 12th at 4pm. The exhibition will be closed on September 25th, 2008.

Alicja 11.09.2008

Artists' Books at the Wilanów Library
The exhibition of 30 book artists at the Public Library in Warszawa-Wilanów (11,Radosna Street). The "Artist's Book" exhibition opening on May 5th 2008 launched celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Library. The exhibition will be closed on June 30th. Photo-story: www.wilanow.e-bp.pl/galeria.php?D=14

Alicja 11.09.2008

Awarded books in Częstochowa
Books by 35 artists awarded in the last six editions of Book Art Competition (1997 - 2007) will be shown in the Gobelin Room of the City Art Gallery in Częstochowa. The exhibition is a part of the 6th Book Days programme: Literature and Town.

Alicja 21.05.2008

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