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Radosław Nowakowski
Time-Book - Book-Time
Text from the catalogue of the 8th International Book Art Festival "TIME" 2006-2008.

Time-Book - Book-Time

There is a palace in Poland which has four towers for there are four seasons here. It has twelve (ball)rooms, for there are twelve months here. It has fifty two chambers for there are fifty two weeks here. It has also three hundred and sixty five windows for this is the number of days one year has here and all over the world... Apparently it was so because the palace got ruined almost right after it had been built more than three centuries ago and looking now at the remnants of the walls it's difficult to do the necessary counting. The number of stones and bricks is not known and it may be not absolutely accidental number. However we can not reject the idea of a hybrid system, accidental-non-accidental, where things precisely planned are mixed with thing not planned at all. What was this edifice: an extravagant residence of extremely rich aristocratic family? a seat of black magician who tried to imprisoned time in the brick-and-stone calendar? a palace of Time?
'Cause time is a palace.
It might be so.
And we live in it.
It might be so.
This is but a metaphor. Time not necessarily must be a palace built of moments-bricks and stones-minutes. Neither it is known what time must be. Nor it is known if time must be at all...

There's no such a book in Poland that consists of four part, twelve chapters, fifty two paragraphs, three hundred and sixty five pages and has as many words as a year has minutes and as many letters as a year has seconds. (There's a book that consists of four parts and each part is one season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. There's also another book that has 365 sheets or 365 day pages and 365 night pages.) Maybe this is so because such a book is impossible due to a simple fact that if words were to be minutes they should be only sixty-letter words – provided the author accepted as obligatory the Babylonian system of time measuring, he or she could apply another system which would eliminate this obstacle. Partially this is so because nobody has hit this idea so far. Nobody in Poland. And probably nobody in the world. PROBABLY – I can't be sure. Maybe somewhere there is such a book. With no doubt such a book is not exhibited here. Nobody has sent such a book. Nobody has submitted such a book.
What would such a book be: an extravagant novel? a magic calendar written and made by an eccentric book magician?
Would such a book be time?
How could it?
A calendar is not time. A calendar is but an illusion of time controlling, virtual materialisation of something immaterial, visualisation of something invisible. And that's all.

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